When driving on motorways or dual carriageways it is vitally important to improve your driving skills as there are in much greater demands on motorways at higher speeds. Forward planning and anticipation of other road users will help you plan your route ahead. So if you have just passed your Driving Test or not driven for a while or may not be used to busy or fast-moving traffic then contact

We help both Experienced Drivers and Newly Qualified Drivers in Kingston, Barnes, Richmond, Roehampton, Hammersmith, Twickenham, Wimbledon and Wandsworth.

The important aspects covered:

  • safety check before joining the motorway
  • motorway signs and signals
  • joining the motorway
  • on the motorway
  • lane discipline
  • effective observation
  •  keeping your distance
  • overtaking
  • changing lanes on a motorway
  • braking and stopping
  • changes in traffic conditions
  • motorway weather conditions
  • motorways at night
  • parking on motorways
  • road works on motorways
  • breakdowns and obstructions
  • ill or tired
  • leaving the motorway
  • end of the motorway