Our West London Driving School. Licence2Drive Driving School is dedicated to provide driver training to both the beginner and experienced driving.

Get driving quicker with our great driving courses. We provide driving lessons and courses specially tailored to both new and experienced drivers in West London Areas.



Also referred to as CRASH Course for drivers requiring to pass their driving test in the shortest and quickest possible time. So the idea of intensive lessons is that you take a lot of lessons over a short period of time. We do however recommend you do not take more than 2/3 hours of lessons at any one time and in a day. As your attention span will drop off. Additionally, knowledge retention wains and speed of learning decreases. We recommend taking 2/3 hours a day over the course of a week or two.


For new drivers who have passed their driving test and wish to become a better driver and also gain additional insurance discounts. Some local councils offer help with discounts for these courses also. But more importantly if you provide evidence to your insurer that you have passed the pass plus you will get cheaper car insurance and in some cases you wil possibly save more than the price of the course in the first year.


This may soon become a part of the actual driving test, motorway driving skills training enables new drivers to gain extra confidence and the skills required when driving at much higher speeds on motorways and dual carriageways. Overtaking at speed is highly dangerous to new drivers and results in the most amount of serious and fatal accidents


Haven’t driven for a while? Then this is the right driving course in West London for you. Taking even just a few refresher lessons will help you brush up your driving skills and we can double check that you are doing everything right and have not forgotten the all important signal, mirror and manouevre procedure. This is also a very good courses for foreign drivers from overseas who have not driven in London or perhaps even the UK. And there are certain onroad driving nuances and ettiquette that is particular to the UK. Some foreign drivers may never have driven on the otherside of the road or even perhaps encountered a roundabout. Likewise there are certain road manouevres that are completely illegal in this country and many road signs that the driver will have never seen before.


We all started somewhere and for people that have never driven before starting to learn to drive can be a daunting experience. So beginner driving lessons are for those new students in West London with very little if no previous experience of driving.


Advanced Driving Courses for those drivers wanting to push their driving skills to the next level. Advanced driving courses are suitable for people who driver as part of their work or commute. For people such as Uber drivers and couriers that spend their working lives driving daily. This course is sometime supplied by your employer or your employer may help pay for it and it coud also help reduce your or your employers insurance premiums.


Driving Instructor Training providing specialist instruction for those wanting to become a driving instructor in West London, Becoming a driving instructor is relatively easy and gives people the chance to become their own boss and work the hours and times they wish. So there is a lot of freedom involved by choosing a career as a driving instructor.


Driving Information & Guidance, we provide a vast range of driving material to help you learn quickly and the right way. Here we have some tips and advice about how to start your driving lessons. From applying for your provisional licence, passing your theory and hazard tests to what you should expect at your very first driving lesson with an insructor.